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Be Nice on the Internet Week!

The Internet can be a cold, dark place. Something about anonymity and not having to actually look at the person with whom you’re conversing makes people a little meaner, ruder, angrier and overall unpleasant. But Real Simple is trying to make it a little brighter. Today kicks off Be Nice on the Internet Week.

I love the idea of encouraging people to be nicer on the Internet, but I’m not thrilled with Real Simple wanting readers to sign up for emails to learn about being nicer on the Internet. That seems like some sort of a ploy just to grab email addresses, which I know is a vital part of running successful email marketing campaigns. (Well, it seems like I’m not exactly starting this week off on the right foot.)

Anyway, be nice on the Internet — this week and every week! Criticism is valid and a constructive part of being connected to the world, but no need to be harsh with it.

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