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Octavofest 2012

Events related to this year’s Octavofest have already started, so I couldn’t let too much time pass before mentioning it.

Octavofest is a celebration of book and paper arts, and takes place annually during the month of October. Events include lectures, exhibits, hands-on activities and more. Last year during Octavofest, I had the opportunity to hear Audrey Niffenegger, the author of my favorite book, speak about creating art books and read a passage from a story that had not yet been published. After she spoke, I got to have my photo taken with her and she signed two of her books for me.

Check out the schedule of events for Octavofest 2012 to see if there’s anything you’d like to do. Though Octavofest doesn’t technically begin until next month, several pre-events are scheduled throughout September.


Disclosure: For my graduate studies in library and information science, in 2010 I completed my practicum in the Cleveland Public Library‘s Special Collections Department, which is involved in Octavofest. But I would recommend people get involved and attend the events regardless of my former affiliation with that institution.

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