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Companies can’t afford to provide poor customer service

Super Punch had a post last week titled “Dell laptops are terribly low quality and you shouldn’t buy one,” and the post convinced me as much. The comments in response to the post are mixed, some agreeing with his point and some testifying they’ve never had problems with Dell.

I understand that equipment can malfunction, but I totally feel his frustration with the customer service. Dell is the big loser in this situation, though, because while the problem with the computer has gone away, the blog post won’t. The great thing about the Internet is we are able to share our experiences — good and bad — with our peers and other people who stumble upon our words. And that’s why companies can’t afford to give their customers bad service.

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Awful Library Books blog

One of my favorite blogs is Awful Library Books, which spotlights — you guessed it — awful library books. Some books just need to be weeded from the shelves, but there are others that make you wonder why a librarian would have selected the item in the first place.

A recent entry in the blog is a case of the latter. The post on the book “I Am Wings: Poems About Love” is incredible. The poetry is terrible. If you need a laugh, check out that blog post (and go ahead, keep reading through the rest of the blog).

So what kind of libraries would have this book? According to WorldCat, “I Am Wings” is in 628 libraries, including Cleveland Public Library, which has 11 copies in CLEVNET. Tempting to put a hold request on this …

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